Grain of Sand

Print Design

Sand is the foundation of our build environment. It’s a part of the concrete that makes up our city buildings, the windows placed in them, and the asphalt that makes up our roads—and we are slowly running out of it.

“Grain of Sand” is large-scale book that revolves around the 99% Invisible episode “Built on Sand,” with additional supportive texts on the encompassing theme of overconsumption.

In its design, the book plays with sand’s relationship with fragilty and strength. The thin serif chosen for the quotes, while feeble on its own, forms a strong typographic form when compressed down together. The use of small monospace body copy alludes to the texture and scale of grains of sand.The exploration of scale nods towards the large impact of something so small on our civilization and the size of our unnecessary overconsumption. 

Public Domain Library

Web Design & Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue)
The Public Domain Library is an online collection of public domain literature that aims to brush the dust off classic literary works and reframe them in the light of contemporary films they’ve inspired for movie-oriented readers. It also aims to celebrate the incredible power of the public domain in fostering future creative works.

The website, currently consisting of 12 titles from Little Women to Twelve Years a Slave, shows a sample of movies each book has inspired, as well as offers multiple formats to download the book in.

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Museo Stibbert
Visual Identity
Identity for a museum in Florence, Italy, that is home to a vast collection of European, Middle Eastern, and Asian armor, as well as ceramics, costumes and paintings.

The identity merges together the broad-nib pen and blackletter references found throughout the museum with an abstracted representation of sword blades, which aims to encompass the diverse array of armour and swords found in the collection.

The jewel toned color palette is sampled from the museum’s rich-colored interior. The identity aims keep to the adherence to order and organization in the museum through its applications.


Type Design & Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Parallax.js)

Astro originally came into being as a web-based interactive typeface built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It explored constantly changing states and parallax movement according to the user’s mouse position. By mousing over the user can also change the size of the modules, creating a sense of dimension within each letter. The website is currently a work in progress, but you can see a peak of it ︎︎︎here.

It has been since adapted to an experimental static typeface, with a focused on exploring the repetitive texture of the outlined modules.

Type Imaginary Project

Web Design & Development
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Today, more than ever, type is data. The word no longer brings up mental images of woodcut type in a bookpress studio. While one may argue that type is associations or a tone of voice (as I’ve had and still do)—one objective and irrefutable truth is that type are the numbers that make up its files, which ultimately translate to the visuals you see before you on this website.

The website explores some of the numbers behind some web-safe fonts—from coordinates to file sizes and counter spaces. It seeks to give the user an understanding of what is behind a letter you may see on your screen.

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