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Nursery Rhyme Illustrations

A first adventure into the world of Illustration. The end result is not perfect, but I learned a ton in this project, and am really excited to dabble in more illustration in all my free time, especially wandering along the streets of Florence this semester and observing paintings and people in the beautiful museums and public spaces here.

This project was a major challenge because I was fine arts trained all my life, especially at my high school, really focusing on translating what was there in front of us onto paper. It was hard to loosen up and realize that forms could deviate from their realistic real-life versions, but it then became a lot of fun and experimentation as I felt myself improve gradually.

This assignment asked us to draw three representations of nursery rhymes, and incorporate the title in digital type in the illustration. We were also limited to three colors.


Word & Image II

Tools & Materials—
Pencil, Scanner, Adobe Illustrator