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Impacts of Tourism in Italy

I have lived in Florence for four months, and have always felt like a tourist here. I’ve also been struck by the hyper-sharing of both students studying abroad and tourists traveling. There are facebook albums, blogs, instagram stories and posts, and even separate instagram accounts. Tourism is very self-revolved, and while that is not neccesarily a bad thing, I wanted to flip the script. What is the impact we have on the city we are visiting?

The booklet was divided into three parts—statistics, stories, and collection. The first part talked about the statistics of tourism in Italy, the tourist to resident ratio, the percentage of the tourism industry contributing to the economy, etc. The second part includes articles that highlight the nuances of tourist-city relationships. The last part includes the collection of my receipts. Instead of sharing photos of me looking very cute in front of monuments, I have shared my receipts, a display of my interaction with the city and its economy.

︎Below are some spreads from the booklet.

Making Meaning

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