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Type Imaginary Project



Experimental Typography

What do you picture when you hear the word "type"? Is it a case full of metal letters for the letterpress, or the font selection dropdown in your Microsoft Word?

This question found itself in front of me via a project assignment, and I immediately had many subjective answers. Type gives words a tone of voice—stern, academic, playful, child-like, shouting, whispering. They are library of associations, of all the other places we have seen a font in use.

My professor, however, tried to poke holes through our opinions in the name of provoking thought and consideration in our classroom. This only filled me with determination to find an objective answer that couldn't be argued against. 

And thus, I present to you the Type Imaginary Project. I say that typefaces today are sets of data living on our screens and computers, filled with various numbers that create a family of glyphs—coordinates, the x and y change between them and more. The web is a particularly apt medium to explore and compare the encoded data that is used to visualize the typefaces that you see before you.

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